Stephanie Nemeth

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Tech Skillzzzzz

Javascript, React, Redux, P5.js, Ruby, Rails, HTML, CSS, IoT

Work Experience


Frontend Developer, Dec 2017 - current

>> building cool stuff using HTML, CSS, JavaScript.


Frontend Developer, Feb 2017 - Nov 2017

>> building cool stuff using React & Redux.

Space Babies

Full-Stack Developer, Feb 2015 - Oct 2016

>> building cool stuff for clients in fintech, wellness, & education.

Other Tech Things I Do

Stupid Hackathon Amsterdam


>> a hackathon for terrible, pointless ideas.

We All Code


>> a place where everyone can feel included in the tech scene.

Speaking Experience

Creating Art with a Raspberry Pi

>> Inspired by a visit to an art museum, I created an interactive LED art project using javascript, python, react, C++, and hardware. I share my story of building with hardware for the first time and how I sharpened my coding skills and built my confidence along the way.

Raspberry Pi + Socket.IO + React = Pixel Art 🤖✨🎨

>> I spoke about trying out new hardware, code, and having fun in a personal project.

My Boss Only Hires n00bs - and it works.

>> I spoke about my successful experience learning to code on the job & becoming a legit dev.

Intro to MVC: How a Rails App Works & Styling Your App

>> I presented an all-day workshop covering how a Rails app works & how to add Bootstrap & style it with CSS.